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 Yixing Xinxing Zirconium Co., Ltd. is registered in Jiangsu Province, China with registered capital USD13.1million.It is the manufacturing and R & D base of Chinese zirconium industry. Its predecessor, Jiangsu Xinxing Chemicals Group was founded in 1976.It was the earliest and largest zirconium production and exporting base in China.It has a history of more than forty years and started exporting thirty-six years ago.The company founder Mr. Yang Xinmin is the market pioneer and pathfinder who lead the Chinese zirconium chemicals into the international.In 1997,Jiangsu Xinxing was restructured to be a private company.In 2000,on the basis of the overall acquisition of the assets of the zirconium,Mr.Yang organized Yixing Xinxing Zirconium Co., Ltd.On Oct. 28, 2002,its mother company-Asia Zirconium Limited was listed in HKEX main board.In 2007,the name was changed to China Zirconium Limited and then in 2009,the name was changed to be Sino Dragon New Energy Holdings Limited.In 2013,the name was changed again to be Smartac Group China Holdings Limited.On Dec.18, 2015, the company began peeling from the listed companies to become wholly-owned corporations.
The main products are: Various grades of zirconium oxychloride,carbonate,dioxide,sulphate,acetate,fluozirconate and rechargeable batteries raw materials (nickel hydroxide, hydrogen storage alloy powder, Lithium cobalt oxide), electronic ceramics, electricity and energy. Application of zirconium developed from conventional sanitary ceramics and nuclear applications to many other fields,such as mobile phones component,electronics,fiber,textile,paint,ceramics,optical glass, medical, pharmaceuticals, leather, paper and cosmetic raw materials and other various fields.
Zr&Hf Functional Materials Technology Center is the only one in China which has complete and advanced research and testing measures.It is equipped with XRD diffraction, ICP detector, BET detector, atomic absorption spectrometer etc.
Yixing Better Batteries Co., Ltd. ?was registered in Jiangsu Province, China in 2004 with registered capital of USD4.2million.Its main business is to manufacture lithium-ion batteries, polymer lithium ion batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, nickel cadmium batteries, rechargeable batteries.It is used wildly in mobile phones, cordless phones, wireless headsets, Bluetooth technology and other communications equipment, notebook computers, mobile DVD, digital cameras, digital cameras and power tools, electric toys, electric bicycles and other fields.
With honesty and sincerity,we are always trying our best to provide qualified products and services, efficient investment, high-tech projects.We expected to cooperate with global friends and develop together!



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