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 WP3908 Water-based Resin    
  Composition: Water-based Acrylic Resin
Applications: For the preparation of water-based polyurethane (PU) coating, mainly used for wood products such as furniture, wooden door, auto, large machinery and external wall, etc.
Characteristics: Excellent constructability, simple manufacturing process, fast drying, high hardness, good weather resistance.
Drying method: Air drying.

Product Specification:
1. Appearance: off-white translucent, uniform, no mechanical impurities
2. Color (Fe-Co): ≤1#
3. Viscosity (mPa/s): 9000 - 15000
4. % Volume Solid: 50±2
5. OH Value (mg KOH/g): 55±5
6. Fineness (μm): <5
7. Acid Value (mg KOH/g): 10 - 20

Appendix: water based PU varnish formula (for reference only):
1. WP3908 90.0
2. DG810 0.2
3. DG100 0.3
4. DG4100 0.3
5. Stannous octoate liquid (1%) 0.2
6. Deionized water 9.0
Construction proportion Paint: XP2655: water=1: 0.2-0.5: 0.8-1.0

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